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Circuit Training

This is a style of workout where individuals cycle through different exercises, targeting specific muscle groups or exercise types. Circuit training includes a minimum of 10 stations, which gives you a full-body workout using selected machines. Each piece of equipment is used for 45 seconds and followed by a 15-second break, which is used to move to the next piece of equipment and set it up and it is controlled by a timer system.

These workouts are great for beginners who are not yet comfortable with a Health Club environment, or for those looking for a full-body workout.

The circuit training workout is a quick one, training both the upper and lower body. It allows you to work on your strength as well as your aerobic systems, which enables you to lose weight. Other benefits of using circuit training include the reduction of blood pressure and decrease clinical symptoms of anxiety, tension, and stress which are real concerns in our lives today.

Circuit training includes equipment that focuses on many of the important muscle groups, which gives it a full-rounded effect. The training style builds strong and lean muscles and burns excess fat. It delivers maximum results in minimum time, helping you optimize your time at the gym. Circuit training incorporates a mixture of strength and cardio training, offering the best of both workout options.

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