Indoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling

Spinning studios have several bicycles, facing an instructor in a group class environment. Each class lasts approximately 45 minutes with pumping music and an instructor to motivate and guide you through the class. There are various types of classes, ranging from beginners to high intensity and depending on your fitness levels, you choose your class accordingly. Indoor cycling helps to tone muscles, loose weight and increase your cardio endurance and strength. Spinning classes are the perfect option for those wanting to losse weight or increase their cardio vascular health.

The Benefits

Stationary bikes offers your the opportunity to develop the same muscle groups as outdoor cycling would. You are able to see results within a few weeks- if you keep a consistance of 150 minutes or more a week. It also provides you with the opportunity to imporve your cardiovascular health. The benefits of spinning is the stress it takes from your joints- compared to other cardio methods like running.

Spinning is also a great way to burn calories. Depending on the length and intensity of the spinning class, you can burn up to 600calories per class.

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