Dear Motion Fitness Member

Firstly, let me thank you for your once again for your ongoing support, understanding and patience, without our members we would not be able to continue.

We originally believed that we would only be closed for the original 21 day shutdown, which then turned into 5 weeks, as with all businesses out there we were under the impression that we would then open up again, under strict guidelines but be able to service our members. When the announcements were made, it became clear that we would not be able to open and needed some time to develop a programme and offering for our members who stay current with their memberships.

We have still not put our staff on no work, no pay, nor have any of our employees being retrenched or had their salaries reduced, like many other companies out there have done. We have a group scheme that includes a life policy, funeral benefits and disability, which is subsidised 100% by the company, which is still in also still in place and will continue to stay in place as long as the company is in a position to carry the cost.

It is clear we needed still to debit our members as per their memberships and the terms and conditions in order to ensure the survival of the business both during and after COVID-19, ensuring job retention, but we also needed to compensate and be fair to our members in a way that covers the spirit in which the membership was entered into.

As was communicated previously, we do not want our members to feel like we are just debiting their account and not receiving anything for it, we implemented the following, which is still in place and will become available as soon as your home club opens again

1. For the duration of the shutdown, we will add whatever time you are unable to use the club to the end of your membership. Putting this relief in place you will not be paying for something you will not get the benefit off. If you are already out of your minimum duration, we will allow you to train without paying for the same period as we are on lockdown which will be done in a controlled and managed process. It may take a little longer to receive this benefit as originally anticipated but it will be received.

There is nothing that you need to do for this, we will automatically amend your membership agreement

2. In order to get our members going again, all current members will receive a free body assessment. A booking will need to be made a front desk. The value of this is around R100.00

3. With this body assessment, all members will receive a free basic diet and programme. This is valued at around R300.00

4. Each member will receive a complimentary 2-month membership that they can give to any friend or family member. We find that members who have training partners attend the club more regularly than those who don’t. This is valued at over R1200.00.

5. We will be engaging with our tenants to see where they are able to assist in adding value to our members at no cost. Once we have finalised that, it will be communicated to you.

We would like to offer the following services and products to our members who keep their memberships current during lockdown

If you would like to receive a free personalised diet and home training programme, please contact your relevant club manager and he/she will inform our service department who will contact you either via e-mail or WhatsApp, who in turn will request basic information from you and then set you up with the relevant diets and programmes.

2. Each week, we will reward 10 members per club, a free personal training session to get you going again once the club opens. These members will be chosen randomly and will be individually notified as well as announced on our social media platforms as well as on our Website.

3. All current members will receive a 20% discount on supplements when ordering via WhatsApp with Chris Roode from Net Nutrition on 082 9002620.

4. We would like you to please e-mail your funny home training videos to Anri Van Heerden, We will post some of them on our social media platforms as well as on our webpage and the video that receives the most likes weekly will receive a R1000.00 spot prize.

5. There will be no CPI increase on your membership for 12 months after the shutdown is complete for members who keep their memberships current during this time period. This equates to 10% discount on your annual fee.

6. Techno Gym and Les Mills are offering free workout classes during the lockdown period to Gym members. You will find the links
on our website for ease of use.

Technogym has launched TWellness Coaching App, powered by Technogym My Wellness, to help support the community during the lockdown period. TWellness delivers home workouts to help everyone stay healthy and active.
A team of dedicated people at Technogym Head office in Italy has built this training app for the world, to keep moving. During this time, we are proud to offer this to our Motion Fitness members at no cost. Please note that the in-app GPS and outdoor tracking is built in, but we do support the decision for all South Africans to stay at home. Its there, ready for you to use. It has 3 difficulty levels, low, medium and high with in-app programmes that track your moves.

• A temporary site that allows access to over a hundred workouts during the lockdown period. Here there is something
for everyone., from high intensity interval training designed to improve strength and fitness fast, dance fitness
workouts, martial arts inspired Body Combat Invincible program through to mindfulness practices to slow the stream
of that can cause our stress. The born to move children’s workouts will get everyone from 4 to 16 years moving

We have been and will continue to be totally transparent, rely on your understanding, during this time and compensate you to the best of our ability for any inconvenience or frustration that this situation has caused.

Please stay safe and at home during this shut down and we look forward to welcoming you back to the club.

Kind Regards
Motion Fitness Team

For more information on COVID-19 in South Africa please visit the official South African Corona Virus Update Website.