Cardio Centres

people running on treadmills

Cardio Centre

Our Cardio centres combine various pieces of equipment, these include Treadmills, Upright bicycles, Recumbent Bicycles, Steppers, Ellipticals and Rowers. Members use this section of the club to improve their cardio pulmonary systems, basically the efficiency of their hearts and in the process of doing this they dramatically improve their fitness levels. By participating in this form of exercise, you will dramatically reduce your weight over a period. Cardiovascular exercise helps strengthen the heart muscle, decreasing a persons resting heart beat.

There are other benefits, like reducing the risk of osteoporosis by strengthening your bones. This form of exercise can be used to warm up before training, as well as cool of after training.  Cardio facilities are also the perfect place to perform High Intensive Interval Training. This type of training includes the use of intervals of high intensive cardio to increase your heart rate. HIIT training is generally used for weight loss and will help improve general fitness. Free standing HIIT training can be performed, or it can be done on the various cardio machines. The Motion Fitness facilities offers various cardio classes, like Spinning.

Get fit in a Cardio Center

The Cardio centers at Motion Fitness offer the perfect mix of state of the art gym equipment to kick start your health and fitness journey. Enter your details into our easy-to-use contact form and we’ll get right back to you.