World’s Top Influencers 2020

Get to know the real wonder woman! you’re a fitness fanatic or just looking to get in shape, these fitness influencers can offer you inspiration and ideas. Find your #fitspiration via their popular fitness accounts.

Number 1: Michelle Lewin (@michelle_lewin)

With more than 13 million followers on Instagram, this fitness model/bodybuilder is at the top of the fitness influencer list. Originally from Venezuela, Lewin came from working at a local clinic to writing several books and even developing her own apps! The 34-year-old bodybuilder has raked in as much as $10,000 per Instagram post thanks to health and training brand partnerships. (She has 13.6 m followers.)

Lewin now has her own line of supplements and a variety of home-workout equipment, and can’t even take on new deals, because she’s too busy promoting her own products. (



Number 2: Jennifer Selter (@jenselter)

This health, lifestyle, and fitness influencer based in New York has nearly 13 million followers. Jen Selter, 26 years old, inspires her followers with her enthusiasm for fitness. Selter launched her fitness journey when she began working at a local gym in high school. Now she’s offering her own fitness lessons. She runs six other pages including @couplegoals and @thatbikini. Next up for Selter: a line of workout gear. (



Number 3: Kayla Itsines (@kayla_itsines)

The 29-year-old, Kayla Itsines, is one of Australia’s top fitness influencers. Itsines founded the Bikini Body Training Company and wrote a book called the Bikini Body Guide. Her 12,5 million followers often see her post-healthy food, promo for her own Sweat fitness equipment and her new pregnancy-friendly workouts! Her brand has developed a strong and committed community of 10 million women who trust her combination of training and recipe guides to become healthier and fitter. Itsines and her followers regularly share dramatic before and after body shots with her many Instagram followers to encourage the success of her system. In 2016, TIME Magazine named her one of the ’30 Most Influential People on the Internet. (



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