Finding the right cardio exercise for your weight loss goal

people running on treadmills

Sometimes you just want to shed those extra kilos- and what better way than with a great cardio session. This is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, but only if you choose the right cardio-journey. 

To find out what cardio is best for your weight loss goal, you first have to establish what lean-body goal you’re aiming for. Every type of cardio tends to work on different muscles of the body. For optimal results, match the correct cardio method with your weight loss goals, and see that dream body come to life.

The Elliptical

Staring at you from across the cardio section, this machine doesn’t only kill your legs, but actually helps bust those extra calories. The added bonus of this machine is the limited wear it has on your joints. The elliptical was designed to take the stress from your knees and hips. Not only does it provide you with a  natural running movement, but it also works your upper body. 

Best way to burn fat: Adding a higher incline will challenge your legs. This will help work those glutes. If you want to focus on your quads, try lowering the incline, but increasing the time spent on the elliptical. 

The Treadmill

You will definitely burn calories on the treadmill, but it 100% depends on your input level. If you’re looking to lose weight steadily without really focusing on muscle building, moderate running is the perfect solution for you. It is a great way for you to keep your aerobic capacity high, as well as provides you with lean weight loss results.


One of the favorites of many gym-goers is the dreaded spinning bike. Not only does this machine build your strength and stamina, but it also reaches the high calorie-burning number on the cycle. Depending on your intensity and level, spinning can help burn between 400 and 1000 calories per hour. Cycling is the perfect solution if you want to focus on legs because we know how important it is to never skip leg day! It will help define the muscles in your legs, making those squatting sessions easier and more beneficial. 

The takeaway

All cardio sessions will help you lose those extra kilos, but it all depends on the effort that you want to put in. It’s never easy, but definitely worth its while. 

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