The benefits of a personal trainer

From Jill Micheals yelling at the contestants on The Biggest Loser, to some magazine quoting Kim K’s personal trainer on the latest juicing cleanse- we’ve all seen professional personal trainers somewhere in the media. Seeing that muscle-mountain man with the branded gym shirt on at the gym can be intimidating, thinking they might judge us or look down on us, while in reality, they are actually there to change us into muscle people ourself!


One of the key benefits of getting a personal trainer is the pure education value that they provide. Not only do they know which exercises work for your specific goal, but they also have the knowledge to help you do those exercises in the correct way- which reduces the risk of injury dramatically.  They also provide you with guidance on eating and future exercise programs.

Gym Motivation

This is one of the snags of training that gets most people. Getting yourself over to the gym can be seen as such a hassle, and once you’re there, it’s so easy to psych yourself out. Just like exercising with friends,  your trainer will help keep you motivated and focused on your fitness goal. 


Whether you like it or not, your personal trainer will hundred percent keep you accountable. First, you are paying for your sessions with your trainer, which means that deciding to skip your meeting with the trainer will cost you quite a lot of money. Secondly, your personal trainer will make you stick to a very strict routine that will help you achieve your goals. 

Personalised goals

Because of their extensive knowledge and experience, personal trainers are able to provide you with a tailor-made fitness routine that fits your personal goals and preferences perfectly. Your trainer will also be able to help you make your goals more realistic, as well as break these goals up in realistic bite-sized goals. 

Motion Fitness has an array of personal trainers on hand that can help you achieve your fitness goals. Get in touch to find out more!

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