Tips for Finding Motivation to go to the Gym

There is nothing more exciting than that home-time feeling after a long day of grinding at the Office. We know that a sweat session at the gym is probably not on top of the priority list.  Sure, that post-workout feeling Is amazing, but it’s that pre- “do I really want to gym if I can go Netflix”-feeling that makes us all skip one or two (or all) post-work workout sessions.

Like most things in life, motivation is key. Finding something that gets you motivated and excited will help you achieve all those fitness goals in no time. Which means that you can enjoy that second (or third, no one is judging) bowl of Pasta for dinner without any guilt.

Put it in writing

It’s easy to promise yourself that today will be the day you will be heading over to that dreaded cardio session to finally work off that extra chocolate bar you had over the weekend. Writing down this promise to yourself is more likely to get you to workout. Statistics show that 80% of people who write down a goal are likely to achieve this goal. Having these goals based on the SMART goal setting method improves their ability to achieve these goals three times more. This means that if you formulate great goals that you can achieve, you’ll work off that chocolate in no time. Write down your progress for gym motivation- otherwise, you won’t be able to see if you are making gains in your training.

Make yourself accountableGym motivation

Whether it’s telling your co-worker about your workout scheduled for after work, or planning it with a partner, making yourself accountable increases the likelihood of going to the gym. Identify the various barriers that keep you from going to the gym after work.  ASTD found that people are likely to achieve their goal by 65% if they commit and hold themselves accountable.

Go through the various steps that hinder your gym motivation and take actions to fully eliminate them. Whether it’s the time to takes to get a dress at the gym, or the dip in your energy level, revisiting these steps will help you be excited about heading over to the gym. Many options are available to make these steps excite and delight you. Even signing up to a class, like the various classes at Motion Fitness, will help you feel much more accountable than just a spoken promise to yourself.

Get a fitness friend

It’s much more fun to have a fun-filled afternoon with a friend than a sweaty one, on your own. Finding a Gym Buddy will help you feel accountable, as well as make you excited to go to the gym. Find someone with the same fitness goals and who like going to the gym. Studies found that exercising with others is likely to decrease a person’s stress level with 26 percent! (Talk about shaking off those workout blues.) Areas like the Circuit and free weights area at Motion Fitness George are perfect to get those stress levels decreased.

All you need is a little inspiration

Getting to the gym doesn’t have to be a dreaded experience. It’s just about finding the right balance of motivation and determination.


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