Why you need a fitness friend in February

male and female excercising

For some the month of love only means the opportunities to have a cheat day on the 14th (or the 15th when all the chocolate is on discount). For us, however, February is the month we like to celebrate having a fitness friend.   Your gym buddy doesn’t need to be Mr Muscles or Miss IFBB Champ, but someone you find motivating, and don’t mind sweating in front of (probably the most important part of it all).


Motivation Monday doesn’t have to stay on Instagram. Achieving your fitness goal is much easier if you have a great friend right beside you. Social contact is a high motivator for exercise-A university of Sandford study found that even a little nudge like a phone call once a week can increase a person’s willingness to go exercise!

A great gym partner will push you and help you focus on your fitness goals. The keyword here is accountability– your gym partner will help you be accountable for achieving those goals by kee


ping you motivated and driven. Motion Fitness Worcester offers an excellent group class that you and your gym buddy can join- The Boot Camp. This class will certainly push you to your limits– but with the right motivational squad, there’s no number of squats that’ll scare you off.

male and female excercisingCouples who train together stay together

Yes, we’re quoting THAT Instagram hashtag. Studies have shown that partners who exercise together, are generally happier. A study even found that people who train together feel much more in love and devoted to their romantic partner. Thank you, Endorphins.

This however doesn’t just ring true for romantic partners, but friendships as well. A training partner gives you the opportunity to share your fitness aspirations with a like minded (or in this case, “likebodied”) individual. Psychological analysis have found that exercising together causes a psychological phenomenon called Nonverbal Behaviour, meaning unconsciously  starting to match your gym partner’s behaviour. This means that you’re not only physically in sync, but also on a deeper emotional level.

All Motion fitness Gyms have excellent Cardio and Free Training areas to put your Nonverbal behaviour to the test.

two females doing sit-upsInstigates a difficulty level

Training with a partner tends speed up the increase in your training difficulty level. Whether you want to increase the amount you bench, try different gym techniques, or increase your limits– a gym partner will be there to help you achieve these goals.

The correct partner

Make sure you choose a partner who motivates, drives, and helps you focus on your ultimate fitness goals. The key is to choose a training partner who challenges your limits and increasingly helps you set new fitness goals. Motion Fitness offers a great 7 day trial period where you can bring your gym buddy along to your training session to see if you’re  the perfect fitness fit.

Head over to Motion Fitness and make the month of love your best training month yet!